Converis Additional API's

It consolidates five additional APIs: AuditInfoWs, Cache Management API, PentahoParamTokenScheduler API, Components Version API, and Data Integration Process as a Web Service API.

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This API does not require authorization. Review the documentation below for more information.

The "Converis Additional APIs" represents an integration of five distinct APIs aimed at enhancing functionality within the Converis ecosystem. This consolidation includes the

  1. AuditInfoWs API, facilitating audit-related operations i.e. to get the audit information for data object actions.

  2. The Cache Management API designed for efficient cache handling, which is meant to be used by the CRA server, which deletes GDPR data directly in DB.

  3. The PentahoParamTokenScheduler API for scheduling tasks within Pentaho.

  4. Components Version API enabling version management i.e. for getting Converis version and versions of its all components

  5. Data Integration Process as a Web Service API, empowering seamless data integration processes using Kettle Transformation with Output steps as a Servlet.

This comprehensive specification streamlines the access and utilization of these APIs, providing developers with a unified platform to leverage various functionalities within the Converis environment.


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