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The Investigational Drugs API helps you leverage competitive intelligence to inform your strategic decisions across each drug development stage and to act before your competitors. Get the full picture of the competitive landscape in your chosen therapy area with accurate and timely global information.

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This API provides REST-based search and retrieve programmatic access to the Cortellis Competitive Intelligence™ Drugs content with JSON and XML output formats, allowing users to leverage our extensive data collections to inform the decision-making process, accelerate innovation and act ahead of their competition across the development lifecycle. Also supports export of search results and reports in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF and SDF, which can be shared with colleagues.

Drugs API can help you to:

  • Understand the complete drug pipeline.
    • Monitor the companies and drugs in therapeutic areas of interest.
    • Research competitor pipelines.
  • Review the competitive landscape.
    • Research pipeline intelligence across the development lifecycle, from discovery and preclinical to product launch.
    • Discover market gaps early.
    • Identify potential partners or acquisition candidates.
  • Validate your investments.
    • Inform confident portfolio and business development decisions using expansive coverage of clinical, deals, regulatory and patent information tied to each drug and company, sourced from global conferences, latest industry news and press releases.
      • Compare and assess similar deals across the industry
      • Predict the future value of drug development pipelines.

Content manually curated and dynamically updated multi-source data providing:

  • Detailed information on current and historical drug development status including the companies involved in discovery and development, chemical structures modes of action, and targeted indications amongst other data.

  • Reported and forecasted sales figures for specific years are
    available for all companies involved in the marketing of a specific

  • SWOT coverage of late-stage clinical and launched drugs, providing an analysis of a drug’s performance against its competitors.

Stringent editorial review, including quality approval and fact validation.

Updated daily with the latest clinical trial results, company releases, peer-reviewed literature and more.

  • Global coverage of more than 2,300 diseases, including rare and niche diseases, corresponding to more than 80,000 drugs and biologics in active or inactive development.

  • Sourced from press releases, clinical trial registries, conference
    findings, company websites, broker research reports, patents, and

More than 20 granular filters allow you to pinpoint the data you need to answer specific questions about your drug, therapy area or target of interest.

Seamless access to additional solutions.

  • Integrated access to regulatory, drug discovery, clinical trial, patents and deals intelligence through the unified Cortellis suite.

Who is the Cortellis Competitive Intelligence Drugs API for?

Decision Makers – Make informed, strategic choices and conclusions based on a full understanding of your competitive environment.

Business Development Professionals – Identify and evaluate partnerships, licensing and acquisition opportunities.

Researchers – Keep abreast of the latest developments and innovations across the industry.

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