Cortellis Sources API

Structured data for the Cortellis Database Sources allows you to retrieve summaries for Press Releases, Conference Reports, Serial Publications, Corporate Publications, Clinical Trial Registries and Other Publications.

API Settings


This API is part of the API Bundle "ls-cortellis-bundle". Read more on API Bundles on the API Bundle help page. Tokens created for any of the bundled APIs can be reused with any other API of the same API bundle.

The Cortellis Sources API is a key part of the Cortellis Competitive Intelligence API Suite, providing information on the sources for Pipeline Drug and Company data.

The API provides access to:

  • Source Description/Type of Source

  • Source Title

  • Source Authors

  • Source Origin

  • Publication Details, including Date, Issue, Volume and Year

  • Whether the source is a Conference Presentation (Yes/No)


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