Converis CUD API

The CUD API facilitates Create, Update, and Delete operations on data entities within the converis, enabling clients to add, modify, and remove records programmatically. The URL needs to be adapted to the Converis instance's specific domain.

API Settings


This API does not require authorization. Review the documentation below for more information.

The CUD API (Create, Update, Delete API) serves as a vital conduit for managing data entities within the Converis ecosystem. Designed to empower clients with seamless control over their data, this API streamlines the process of adding, updating, and removing records programmatically, ensuring efficient and precise management of information.

With the CUD API, users gain the capability to orchestrate the creation of new data entities. Furthermore, the CUD API facilitates the dynamic modification of existing records, allowing users to update data entities with ease.

In addition to creation and updating functionalities, the CUD API provides robust capabilities for data deletion.

Through its comprehensive suite of functionalities, the CUD API plays a pivotal role in enabling organizations to harness the full potential of the Converis platform. By offering seamless control over data creation, updating, and deletion processes, this API empowers users to maintain a high level of data quality, relevance, and integrity, facilitating informed decision-making and maximizing the value derived from the Converis ecosystem.


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