InCites Document Level Metrics API

InCites Benchmarking & Analytics™ is a citation-based evaluation tool for academic and government administrators to analyze institutional productivity and benchmark output against peers and aspirational peers in a national or international context. This API provides article-level metrics to support integration in Research Management Systems or Current Research Information Systems (CRIS).

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This InCites Document Level Metrics API provides REST-based programmatic access to the InCites Benchmarking and Analytics™, with JSON and XML output format. InCites Benchmarking & Analytics™ provides you with the objective and reliable indicators you need to make confident, data-driven decisions about your research programs. Built upon the consistent, accurate, and complete publications metadata in the Web of Science™ Core Collection.

Who is the InCites Document Level Metrics API for?

You can integrate this API to maintain a high quality of article metrics in your internal systems and research projects that need trusted data for articles with various subject categorization schema. It is a perfect addition for:

  • Publishers and editors - Understand how your articles are performing and benchmark them against others in their discipline.
  • Librarians - Understand which articles are the most important to your institution's and researcher's success.
  • Researchers - Guide to discover and select the most appropriate articles to read and compare your research findings in.
  • Research managers and information analysts - Track bibliometric and citation patterns to support strategy and funding decisions, as well as highlight your institution's impact on the research community.

Subscription and access

Access to this API requires a paid license. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions you may have.

This API uses an API Key access. All APIs in our Developer Portal require registering an application.


The API has only one plan (Standard InCites Subscription) with 2000 requests/day and two requests/second. Other plans that appear during subscription are only for internal purposes.

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