Converis Legacy API

Legacy API provides programmatic means to read public content of Converis. The URL needs to be adapted to the Converis instance's specific domain.

API Settings


This API does not require authorization. Review the documentation below for more information.

Legacy API refers to a set of programmatic interfaces that allow developers to access and interact with public content stored within Converis.

The API provides various endpoints:

  1. Find By Pattern: Retrieves instances based on specified patterns.

  2. Get Info Object: Fetches specific information objects via a REST web service.

  3. Get Legacy API Version: Retrieves the version of the Legacy API in use.

  4. Get Related Info Objects: Fetches related information objects through a REST Web Service.

  5. Get Using Pentaho Resource: Accesses data using Pentaho resources, facilitating integration with Pentaho-based applications.


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