Web of Science API Expanded

Support search and data integration using Web of Science data returned as JSON or XML

Web of Science API Expanded

Support 'search' and 'data integration' using Web of Science data returned as JSON or XML. This API supports rich searching across the Web of Science to retrieve item-level metadata, including times cited counts and contributor addresses/affiliations. Additional operations support the ability to discover related records as well as cited references and citing items.

Web of Science data can be used in a number of different ways to integrate into existing systems or in general to facilitate discovery and research activities. Your contractual agreement will govern the terms of use for the Web of Science data, so access to data (in terms of databases, throttling, and file depth) will differ from user to user.

All requests are reviewed against your contract and use case(s) prior to being approved. By requesting credentials, you agree to adhere to this portal's Terms of Use.

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