Web of Science API Expanded

The Web of Science™ API Expanded API supports rich searching across the Web of Science to retrieve full item-level metadata, including times cited counts, contributor addresses/affiliations and funding data. Additional operations support the ability to discover related records as well as cited references and citing items.

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This API provides REST-based programmatic access to the Web of Science™ documents, with JSON and XML output format and advanced search and filter capabilities. The Web of Science™ is the information and technology provider for the global scientific research community. We provide data, analytics, insights, workflow tools, and bespoke professional services to researchers and the entire research community that underpins research – universities and research institutions, national and local governments, private and public research funding organizations, publishers, and research-intensive corporations across the world.

Who is the Web of Science API Expanded for?

You can integrate this API to maintain and export a high-quality full item-level metadata and times-cited counts of Web of Science documents. It is a perfect addition for:

  • Publishers and editors - Understand how your articles are performing and benchmark or analyze citation networks against others in their discipline.
  • Librarians - Understand which articles are the most important to your institution's and researcher's success.
  • Researchers - Guide to discover and select the most appropriate articles to read and compare your research findings in.
  • Research managers and information analysts - Track bibliometric and citation patterns to support strategy and funding decisions, as well as highlight your institution's impact on the research community.

Subscription and access

Access to this API requires a paid license. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions you may have.

This API uses an API Key access. All APIs in our Developer Portal require registering an application.


The availability of the API plan depends on your Web of Science subscription, which is limited based on the number of Web of Science documents (also known as Full Record) and requests. Please note that the plans are not visible during the subscription process. Please select the Standard plan, and we will configure it according to the terms of your institution's contract.

Plan   Requests per second    Full Records per year
Basic 2 50,000
Intermediate 2 250,000
Advanced 3 1,000,000
Premium 5 3,000,000

If your institution subscribe to the Web of Science Essentials Packages, you are eligible for one of the following plans.

Plan Requests per second    Requests per day    Full Records per month
Essentials 1 3 30,000 1,000,000
Essentials 2 3 10,000 500,000
Essentials 3 2 5,000 100,000

By requesting credentials, you agree to adhere to this portal's Terms of Use and Product / Service Terms.


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