Web of Science Starter API

The Web of Science™ Starter API allows for a real-time check of bibliographic metadata such as DOI, author, source title, etc., against the Web of Science Core Collection and other Web of Science Product Databases. This enables building article-level links to the Web of Science from external systems and retrieving times-cited counts from the Web of Science.

API Settings


This API replaces previous Links Article Match Retrieval (Links AMR) Service and Web of Science API Lite.

This API provides REST-based programmatic access to the Web of Science™ documents and journals, with JSON output format and basic search and filter capabilities. The Web of Science™ is the information and technology provider for the global scientific research community. We provide data, analytics, insights, workflow tools, and bespoke professional services to researchers and the entire research community that underpins research – universities and research institutions, national and local governments, private and public research funding organizations, publishers, and research-intensive corporations across the world.

Who is the Web of Science Starter API for?

You can integrate this API to maintain a high quality of basic metadata, and times-cited counts of Web of Science documents and journals, including the Web of Science (Source, Citing and Cited References, Related) and Journal Citations Reports Profile URLs. It is a perfect addition for:

  • Students and Researchers - Use this API to keep track of the times-cited count of your papers and links to the Web of Science. You may also look for native integrations of 3rd party tools.
  • Publishers and editors - Keep track of times-cited counts of journal articles and link to the Web of Science or link the Journals to the Journal Citation Reports from your systems.
  • Librarians - Understand which journals are the most important to your institution's and researchers' success.
  • Research managers and information analysts - Track basic bibliometric metadata and citations to support strategy and funding decisions, as well as highlight your institution's impact on the research community.

Subscription and access

Access to this API has different plans, including a free one. Web of Science subscribers can access the times-cited counts of articles and may have an advanced plan with 5,000 requests per day. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions you may have.

This API uses an API Key access. All APIs in our Developer Portal require registering an application.

By requesting credentials, you agree to adhere to this Portal's Terms of Use and Product / Service Terms.


Free Plan

You can subscribe to this plan, even if your institution or university has not subscribed for Web of Science. This free plan is only for students and academics and can be approved only if your Developer Portal account uses your institutional email. This plan does not return times cited and can be used only for personal use.

Institutional Plan

This plan is approved for organizations that subscribe to Web of Science and allows you to integrate and synchronize Web of Science documents with your internal systems.

Throttling configuration
Plan Request per second Requests per day
Free 1 50
Institutional 5 5,000


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