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API Categories

Web of Science API Expanded

The Web of Science™ API Expanded API supports rich searching across the Web of Science to retrieve full item-level metadata, including times cited counts, contributor addresses/affiliations and funding data. Additional operations support the ability to discover related records as well as cited references and citing items.

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Web of Science API Lite

Support search and data integration using Web of Science data returned as JSON or XML. Note, this API has been replaced by the Web of Science Starter API.

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Web of Science SUSHI API

This API helps you harvest usage statistics from the Web of Science platform via the NISO SUSHI protocol in accordance with the COUNTER R5 Code of Practice.

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Web of Science Reviewer Locator API

Web of Science Reviewer Locator is a full-stack solution to find, screen, and contact expert peer reviewers. This API helps you integrate Web of Science Reviewer Locator with your editorial or grant management system.

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Web of Science Journals API

This API provides journal-level metadata and metrics for all journals in the Journal Citation Reports™ covered in the Web of Science Core Collection, including the Journal Impact Factor™ and other new metrics. Integrate journal data into your internal systems or retrieve journal indicators for bibliometrics studies.

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Web of Science Starter API

The Web of Science™ Starter API allows for a real-time check of bibliographic metadata such as DOI, author, source title, etc., against the Web of Science Core Collection and other Web of Science Product Databases. This enables building article-level links to the Web of Science from external systems and retrieving times-cited counts from the Web of Science.

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Web of Science Researcher API

The Web of Science™ Researcher API enables users to query and harvest data from Web of Science author records.

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ESTI service apis

ESTI service apis: expose MWS service to public, so far only getSessionData available

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